About Our Corporation

Our company has been in existence for over 15 years and apart from this business, we own and operate a string of online and offline businesses, many of them having an international presence. After a great deal of research and testing over many years, we had put together this program and you can be rest assured that it is genuine and works very effectively and profitably.

Photon Info Service is not a data entry company, we simply refer members to many organizations that need individuals who are available to perform freelancing work.

Freelancer companies are becoming a viable means of making money online, but you need to be very careful not to get scammed by those companies that make promises they simply can't keep.

Our Values

VISION: We have scoured the Internet for legitimate data entry companies and have compiled the best of the best. We also update the Members Only Area regularly so that you stay informed and have the most recent and accurate data to help you select the right companies to work with.

Once a new member pays the enrollment/registration fee, he/she will be given access to the members area where they will find the information needed to get started. While we can not guarantee your success, we do guarantee that you can make money entering data for the companies included in the members area. The more companies you work with entering data, the more money you can make.

We have always and continue to operate all our businesses with a great degree of honesty, integrity and professionalism. We are also fortunate to have a good management team complemented by eighteen very committed staff members. You can thus be rest assured that you in good hands and our staff will ensure that you make a complete success of this program.

Management and staff continuously receive emails from members daily saying how much they have earned and how effective this program really is. We are proud to make a difference in so many people's lives and we look forward to doing the same for you.

It's very easy to get started right away. Place your order now and get immediate access to the Members Area! You will be given a username and password immediately. Log into the Members Area and begin typing and earning rightaway!